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Sweet & Simple

Sweet and Simple Sweet & SimpleOur new cut in shop is a game changer for the ol’ Sunday Roast! Eliza, in the farm management team, gave this recipe a go and made her first ever Pork Crackling! This one is for everyone, and you’ll even have some left over for lunch...

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Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore You'll need70 ml olive oil6 chicken thighs150 gm cacciatore salami, thickly sliced150 gm fennel and chilli salami, thickly sliced150 gm prosciutto ends (see note), cut into rough 3cm pieces6 salad onions, halved12 garlic cloves, unpeeled9 very ripe...

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BBQ Pork Scotch (Collar Butt)

BBQ Pork Scotch (Collar Butt)A Recipe from Executive Chef Daniel CliftYou'll need4 x 200g Pork Scotch Fillets60g Toasted Walnuts1 Celery Heart2 Witlof (Chicory) chopped6 Whole Eshallots2 Bunches Asparagus30mL De Soto Vinegar60mL Extra Virgin Olive Oil1tsp Dijion...

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Prawns to die for

Prawns to Die For...This is a perfect Friday night, throw on the BBQ and have a drink with friends kind of recipe!Created by our very own Marketing Department to reward our hard working team 🙂 PRAWNS TO DIE FOR(and so easy to make) INGREDIENTS: 500grams Green King...

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Perfect Bacon and Egg Sandwich

Perfect Bacon and Egg SandwichThe success of this simple snack (or supper) relies on good-quality bacon and eggs, while homemade relish adds just the right amount of pickly goodness. You'll need50 ml olive oil12 rindless bacon rashers4 eggs8 thick slices white bread,...

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Roast Pork Loin with Apples & Cider Gravy

Roast Pork Loin with Apples & Cider Gravy INGREDIENTS 2 x 1.2kg pork loins, skin on1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil1kg potatoes (such as coliban)8 small green apples2 cups (500ml) apple cider2 cups (500ml) chicken stock2 tsp runny honey2 tsp wholegrain mustard1/4 cup...

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Thai Styled Pressed Pork Hock

Thai Styled Pressed Pork HockIngredients:Cooking of the hocks:5x Pigs on the Run Pork hocks5 cloves of garlic1 knob of ginger sliced1 chilli cut in half1 carrot cut in to large pieces2 sticks of celery cut into large pieces1 large brown onion cut into large pieces5...

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Pork Belly Porchetta

Pork Belly PorchettaINGREDIENTS:10 pounds (5 kilograms) skin-on, boneless pork belly, butterflied in a single rectangular pieceFreshly ground black pepper2 tablespoons coarse sea salt2 sprigs thyme, leaves stripped from the stems2 tablespoons roughly chopped rosemary...

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Spaghetti with peas, mint & pancetta

Recipe: Emma Knowles  Photography: Ben Dearnley   Styling: Lucy Tweed & Emma Knowles Recipe source with peas, mint & pancettaYou'll need400 gm dried spaghetti50 ml olive oil80 gm mild pancetta, diced¼ onion, finely...

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