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Because it’s all about the team

Here at Pigs Run Wild we really believe that we are only as good as our team. Oh, and only as good as our Pigs. Which means that we believe, and are passionate about, our pigs AND our team!! Which means that only the very best will do. To be part of the team at Pigs...

A seriously warming dish …

We LOVE LOVE LOVE reading recipes. We ESPECIALLY love reading recipes that we think we can give a red hot crack, and if they have a product that we stock??? Well that's just made it a perfect day! You know that we share our favourite found recipes with you on our...

Piltons Pantry, the cutest team ever

Our partnerships are the most important relationships. Whether it's with our Stockists, our Chefs who we supply our product to, our own team, or the incredible farmers - it's the whole team that make it all possible. But we have to admit, we think this could be one of...

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