An extraordinary meal…


…with a difference.


Italian Styling, Australian Free Range Pork

Join us for a 4 course culinary adventure that celebrates a pasture grown suckling pig from nose to tail. Heritage Breed Pork raised Free Range on a high welfare Northern Rivers farm.

Beach’s head chef David Lovett has forged a reputation for modern Italian styling, with a wink and a nod to the grand tradition. His passion for produce and deft handling of meats are a trademark of his style.

Now for the first time he’ll be presenting Pigs Run Wild‘s high welfare suckling pig and hand crafted european style cured meats.

Take your palate on a journey as you taste the pork your Grandad ate, presented in flamboyant Italian style, at Beach’s picturesque setting.

A Menu To Delight

Charcuterie Board

Pigs Run Wild Salumi, Gnocco Fritto, Olives.

Glass NV Pizzini Prosecco

Secondo Piatto

Pici, pigs tail ragu, parmigiano.

Glass 2014 Printhie Chardonnay


Roast suckling pig, grapes, bay, white wine.

Glass 2016 Ochota Barrels ‘texture like the sun” red blend


Sanguinaccio, orange & pine nut biscotti.

Glass Amaro Nonnio

(Non alcoholic options available).

Factory Farming Leaving A Bad Taste In Your Mouth?

Savour amazing food and help stamp out factory farming.

While we can rely on outstanding establishments like Beach to source top quality, ethically produced ingredients. There is a crisis in the Australian food and farming landscape.

90% of Australian farms are forced into factory style production by a marketplace that’s manipulated by a handful of multinationals.

This system of food production and distribution punishes consumers, farmers, livestock and the environment. We desperately need new food and farming models.

Pigs Run Wild is growing a people powered network that connects conscious consumers, free range farmers and “small but mighty” foodie businesses like Beach, with food that rocks.

Your support will assist Pigs Run Wild to grow our Seriously Free Range Food Network, to support more farmers adopt sustainable and ethical farming practises and to allow more pigs to run wild.

Book Now.

Tickets for this degustation are limited and available exclusively through the Pigs Run Wild website.

Date: Sunday 27th November 2016

Time: 12pm – 3pm

All 4 courses with matching wines, $130.

Non alcoholic options also available.